Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dark Night of the Soul

So . . .
I finally finished my guest blog post for Ilima Todd's blog at . It should go live this upcoming Wednesday the 9th.

Lately I've been working on really detailing Hana's outline. Obsessively outlining. Almost a Dirty Draft in and of itself.

But, whenever it came to writing actual text, yikes. I've been fighting myself. I just don't feel like writing.

Finally, in my deep depressed lack of motivation funk yesterday, I realized I was having a 'Dark Night of the Soul' moment--day, week, month--of deciding whether or not I want to keep writing or give it up.

Would I be happier?
What do I really want?
Was the sore throat and exhaustion getting the better of me?

Suddenly, I realized ... if I was having a Dark Night of the Soul, the part right before the hero puts everything that they have learned into motion, faces their fears and, and . . . BINGO!

-- Well, I can't go further without spoilers, you'll have to hop over to Ilima's blog come Wednesday.

In the meantime, here is a little list of things I've told myself I will refer to when I am in those doldrums.

  . . . and yes, it did in fact snow today, hence the dredging up of one of my old quote photos.

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