Saturday, May 19, 2012

Speaking to the Hand

All Hands to the Ready?

For some reason I've been a bit obsessed with hands of late. 

Could it be the upcoming publication of my Puppetry book?

Could it be the recent Puppet Manipulation Workshop we did at the Orem Library?

Could it be a comment I heard by way of A E Cannon about focusing on your character's hands? (#3 on her list of Three Writing or Illustrating Hints)

All of the above? snide comments on me having too much to handle please!


In any case, I found myself in the local Arctic Circle parking lot with my 10 year old, snapping a quick picture of my hand, well, more precisely, The Hand.

The Hand comes with a horrendous Russian accent, knobbly eyes and loads of attitude . . . read more about The Hand at read more about The Hand at / by clicking here.