Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paranormal Haiku

It's that time again!

Project Writeway Season 1 Episode 3
Go visit Throwing Up Words  and choose your 3 favorite Paranormal Haiku

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Click HERE for the Play at Homes (we are getting fewer and fewer each week, even here)

Poll is at the bottom of each page.

I tell ya, there's a few I wish I had written, including those pen names. :) Gotta love it when authors get whimsical and really into choosing a nom de plume.

I suck at poetry, but I'll be brave - here is my entry

nom de plume:
   Flo Tinaway

   Wingtips in toilets
   It is harder than you think
   Being an angel

...Question: Is wingtips one or two words? I went with the one word version, only because it looked more symmetrical.

hee hee - the flo goes both ways, toilets and angels (oh, I am such a 12 year old boy at heart)