Friday, October 25, 2013

The Lab is back!

October is the perfect month to give you all a good scare--

The Lab is coming back!

Yes, Cheri Pray Earl has accepted the call of the masses and will be presenting the Lab Workshop at the 2014 WIFYR Conference.

To any and all who dare enter their manuscripts into the grinding mill that is Cheri in the capacity of Lab-meister, they will soon discover that there is no hiding, no shirking, no flinching, as she tears apart your manuscript in order to help you get it in shape and submission worthy.

The Lab is not your everyday workshop

It is a full week of intense MFA level work. In that regard, it is much like the rest of the morning workshops available at the WIFYR Conference. But wait--not so fast there--in The Lab, you will not be priming your pumps by working on the first chapters of your manuscript, no. In The Lab, victims (excuse me--I mean attendees) will be honing their manuscript middles.  
Yes, that murky, muddlesome, maddening middle where many a writer has been lost--it has been said for years, even decades--before they either stumbled out, only to find themselves back at the beginning, or alas, have emerged with nothing but wisps of age old writerly dreams long given up.

NaNoWriMo General Flyer
Prevent this from happening to you! Watch for WIFYR sign-ups to begin soon, select The Lab, and get to work on that novel--may I suggest the NaNoWriMo to get you started, so you have a middle to work on--and get ready for one of the hardest, most satisfying, stressful, and rewarding weeks or your authorial life.

I here-to-fore swear that the contents of this blog post are a true representation. If you doubt me, do ask The Lab Rats of 2013 to tell their tales of pre-conference work overload, the over-abundance of reading resources, and--horror of horrors--HOMEWORK that was required of them.

Yours Truly,
The Assistant from (ahem) Hades,

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  1. Love your blog, Amy. You're so funny. "Ahem, Hades."
    And yes, it's totally exciting that Cheri is going to be doing her lab at WIFYR again this year.