Thursday, May 5, 2011


I love language!

I am continually amazed at how the ideas coalesce, morph and grow until, at long last, there is an actual story happening.

In my many readings, I came across this great word about a week ago:

For a person as enamored with words as I am, this one word is filled with resonance and power. It speaks to me. It explains my feelings on how everything seems to pull together from a miriad of sources that emerge as ideas and then develop into real words on paper.


Definition from the oh-so-famous Wiki source

Bricolage (pronounced /ˌbriːkɵˈlɑːʒ/ or /ˌbrɪkɵˈlɑːʒ/) is a term used in several disciplines, among them the visual arts, to refer to the construction or creation of a work from a diverse range of things that happen to be available, or a work created by such a process. The term is borrowed from the French word bricolage, from the verb bricoler, the core meaning in French being, "fiddle, tinker" and, by extension, "to make creative and resourceful use of whatever materials are at hand (regardless of their original purpose)". In contemporary French the word is the equivalent of the English do it yourself, and is seen on large shed retail outlets throughout France. A person who engages in bricolage is a bricoleur.


To fiddle and tinker with a diverse range of things! This is not only my writing style, but my lifestyle!

Multi-disciplinarian that I am, I construct, I craft, I create!

Oh, to have a name for who I am; that resourceful and creative individual that can't sit still.

My heart sings. I am a bricoleur.

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