Friday, April 8, 2011

Mini Writing Marathon... an oxymoron?

Another Marathon?

         Yes, another Marathon Challenge - you can find out more about it here, although it's almost over. I guess one of the goals should be to post about it BEFORE starting.

Egads, why ever do I do this to myself?

In the immortal words of Rick Walton on writing:


                                   ...unless you can't."

I can't. Not anymore. I fooled myself for years. Now the door is opened, the light is on (even at 2:00 freakin' a.m.) and I am no longer the person that can keep denying it.

At least this is a short marathon, only a few days, not even a full week. And the reward at the end - hopefully a completed new manuscript ready for posting for the Utah Children's Writer's 30 days/30 Stories Project on Thursday!

   . . . and so, may we all welcome Philippa Potts, the newest in a long line of characters adding her dialogue in amongst all those already holding discussions in my overstuffed brain . . .

p.s. is every author a multiple personality disorder just waiting to go off the edge?

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