Wednesday, March 30, 2011

J. Steven York

The best thing about blogs, at least for me, is that I get to store all my collected files online. I can access almost at will and, along the way, possibly save a few trees, probably reduced a bit of the clutter that accumulates in my office and most definitely save my sanity.

And so...

Over the years I have collected numerous resources, some random tips and tales, and a few snippets--no snails--from the writing community. What follows will be some of those collected bits of wisdom...and, may the links to the original sources live on!

Let's start out with J. Steven York. He originally posted this blog post in 2006. Updated in 2009. As applicable today as it was in '06 and '09.

"Okay, here are the truths, some of them anyway, that every writer should know. Read them. Memorize them, Live them. And please, do so before you graze among the scam agents, book doctors, vanity publishers, and the various flavors of publishing delusionaries who, with the best of intentions, invite you to participate in their own mad delusions, and partake of their special Kool-aid." . . .

 ... and by the way, J. Steven York's new site is here

Where, you might just find this gem of a post~ The Really Bad Literary Agency

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