Friday, September 27, 2013

The Story Stone

Warning: This is a selfish post here.

I just want to preserve the link so I can get my tickets to my great friend (and extremely talented storyteller) Wendy Gourley's play, The Story Stone.


Click here for the the UVU press release story.
Here for tickets.

...and this from Wendy herself,

The Story Stone, a play I wrote is opening this weekend at the Noorda Children's Theatre at UVU. It's about the power of story to break down intractable conflict and is my unabashed love letter to storytellers everywhere. I'd love if you could come see it. It runs through Oct. 5th. Here's the incredible set (theatre in the round):

The target audience is teens, pre-teens and older, although I think upper elementary would like it. George Grant is in the show and designed all the music (It is not a musical,) and he's done an amazing job. There are imbedded folktales - see how many you know (I doubt many other audience members will know many or any.)

Love you all,


Let me just add that Wendy is a brilliant script and text analyst that studies the Farmer method as taught by Katherine Farmer--yes, one of my great heroes and another brilliant mind--and I am humbled every time I work with either of them. They know story and what makes them work, or not work, and more importantly, the WHY of it.

It thrills me to be privileged to be a part of such seminal work as what Katie is currently readying for publication, a work based on more than 30 years of intense research and study of language, sign systems, philosophy, and brain science. (see more about Story Cone Analysis here)

The Story Stone, I believe--and I think Wendy would agree--is what it is due to the analysis that went into it's writing and production. See the play if you can. As Katie would say herself, the proof is in the pudding.

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